North Carolina Addiction Treatment


North Carolina is one of America’s most historic states, known for its excellent universities and beautiful countryside. But North Carolina has a dark secret that has taken lives and destroyed families: prescription drug abuse.

Every year, drug addiction costs thousands of people their lives. When addiction doesn’t take a life, it often ruins it. Health, financial and legal status, and quality of relationships are all worsened by drug abuse. However, with the right treatment program, even the most serious cases of addiction can be treated and the dependent person can go on to live a happy and healthy life.

Prescription Drugs Plague North Carolina

Perhaps the largest threat to the health and well-being of North Carolina residents is prescription drugs. In recent years, prescription drugs have been responsible for hundreds of overdoses, meaning families are being left without sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.

Prescription drug addicts often start with a legitimate medical problem. A hurt back or a broken ankle can warrant a prescription for Vicodin, Percocet, or another type of prescription painkiller. However, once the patient takes more than the recommended dose or abuses the drugs recreationally, he or she is on a path that leads to destruction. Because heroin is similar to prescription opiates in chemical make up but much cheaper, a wave of prescription drug users have turned to heroin to get their fix.

Methamphetamine Addiction Plagues Rural North Carolina

While many parts of the country have seen a decrease in meth use, some parts of North Carolina have continued to struggle with the drug. Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant that can be made at home with chemicals you can find in a hardware store. Today, however, much of North Carolina’s methamphetamine comes from out of state. A highly pure form of Mexican methamphetamine has entered North Carolina that has fueled addiction in small towns.

Getting clean from serious drugs such as prescription painkillers, heroin, and methamphetamine requires medical detox and long-term support. Not only is going cold turkey bad for your recovery, it can also be dangerous to your health in some situations.

Medical Help for a Medical Disease

By finding professional help, with North Carolina Addiction treatment, you will set yourself up for a complete recovery that lasts a lifetime. Serenity House Detox can help you get the dangerous drugs and alcohol out of your system in a tranquil environment.

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