NEW MEXICO ADDICTION TREATMENT: Advanced Addiction Medicine You Can Afford


Residents looking for a New Mexico addiction treatment program should consider looking out of state. Unfortunately, New Mexico has a tragically high drug overdose mortality rate, and hundreds of people lose their lives to addiction every year. Substance abuse treatment, however, can stop addiction in its tracks and help you find a healthy lifestyle before drugs cause tragedy in your life, too.

The Trust for America’s Health, a non-profit addiction research association, lists New Mexico as having the second highest drug overdose rate in the country. To give you some perspective on the scope of the problem, New Mexico’s drug overdose mortality rate is 250% higher than the neighboring state of Texas.

Dangerous Addictions Require Medical Detox

One of New Mexico’s biggest problems is that as a border state, New Mexico operates as a virtual drug highway for the Mexican drug cartels. Large quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, and cocaine pass through the state, often making their marks on local communities.

A high level of exposure to dangerous drugs has resulted in many New Mexicans struggling with substance abuse. If you have become hooked on drugs or alcohol, professional treatment is the best path to recovery.

Medical detox is a key step in the recovery process for people who are addicted to drugs like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. The first week of treatment is, in some ways, the most important to get right. Why? Because the drugs are still partially in the person’s system.

Withdrawal symptoms can be extreme, depending on the drug being used. Without the help of medical professionals, symptoms of withdrawal can become so uncomfortable that a person might do anything to use drugs again.

The Value of Out-of-State Treatment

While staying in state for treatment may seem like the easiest and best prospect, studies have shown that out-of-state treatment can have advantages. Leaving your state for treatment will allow you to remove yourself from situations that may have led you to use drugs or alcohol. Bad social influences can quickly derail a recovery effort.

Heading out of state for treatment can also help to make sure you complete the treatment process by making it harder to leave the facility. Obviously, if you voluntarily check yourself into a treatment facility, you will be able to leave at any time. But there is a definite difference between walking out the front door and catching a cab home and walking out the front door and having to figure out a plane ticket, bus, or other form of long-distance transportation. The benefit of this is you are more motivated to endure the most difficult parts of treatment instead of being tempted to leave.

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