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Michigan Detox: Drug Addiction Treatment Services


Substance abuse is a problem facing many residents of Michigan on a daily basis. While not all citizens will face drug addiction in their own lives, nearly everyone can see the impact of substance abuse happening all around them through higher crime rates, social problems, and a lower level of public health.

The state of Michigan has the 18th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States, according to the non-profit research foundation The Trust for America’s Health. Drug addiction treatment facilities offer addicts a chance at another life… a life without addiction.

MI Heroin Deaths Triple in a Decade

Heroin abuse grows every day in the Midwest, and Michigan has seen an unprecedented amount of drug overdoses in recent years. Myfoxdetroitreports heroin abuse has tripled in the last decade. At the turn of the century, Michigan averaged approximately 60 heroin overdose deaths. Today, that number has grown to approximately 180 deaths per year.

Belonging to the family of drugs known as opiates, heroin is one of the most addictive and destructive drugs in existence. Casual heroin users turn into heroin addicts because not taking the drug makes them feel sick. Some heroin addicts begin using the drug after developing a serious pill addiction. Heroin detox can be harmful to a person’s health if he or she stops cold turkey.

Meth Takes Hold in Southwest Michigan

In addition to Michigan’s heroin crisis, meth has remained popular in the state. The southwest region of Michigan is the state’s main area of meth production. Kalamazoo County leads the state in meth lab seizures by a significant margin.

Meth addiction doesn’t just end overnight. Meth wreaks havoc on the reward and motivation areas in the brain. Depending on how long you have abused the drug and how much you used, it may take years to regain normal brain function.

The good news, however, is that, in many cases, brain damage caused by meth abuse can be overcome. What can’t be overcome is a lethal heart attack, stroke, or seizure caused by meth abuse. For this reason, seeking meth addiction treatment as soon as possible offers the greatest chance for you to live a normal life after addiction.

Florida Detox a Perfect Solution for Michigan Addiction

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