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Addiction affects many Kansas families every year, and this trend doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon.

In 2013, Kansas was ranked by the non-profit research group The Trust for America’s Health as having the 8th lowest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States. But those numbers may not tell the whole story.

In recent years, meth and heroin flowed into the state at unprecedented rates. The same study that ranked Kansas as having the 8th lowest drug overdose mortality rate also gave Kansas a grade of four out of 10 for strategies to control prescription drug abuse. Unfortunately, more drug problems may be on the horizon for Kansas.

Popular Drugs in Kansas Cause Heart-Breaking Addiction

Hard drugs are taking their toll on Kansas. Methamphetamine has poured into the state from surrounding areas and has been more popular recently than it’s been for the last decade. Meth is considered one of the most socially damaging drugs to which a person can become addicted. Often, meth users function in a cycle of long, multi-day binges and then crashes where abusers may sleep for days at a time. Child neglect and loss of employment are common among meth addicts.

Like meth, heroin can be responsible for people neglecting their responsibilities. And also like meth, heroin has increased in popularity in Kansas city recently. Heroin is a drug that does serious damage to a person’s internal organs. Drug users who choose to inject run the risk of collapsed veins, abscesses, heart infections, and diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

Health Insurance Makes Treatment Affordable for Kansas Residents

If you’re considering treatment for drug addiction, make sure to review your insurance policy. Health insurance is one of the most common ways people pay for treatment.

Depending on your specific insurance policy, treatment may be covered in part or in full. Any money that you have to pay out of pocket can be considered an investment in the future of yourself and your family.

Florida Detox Offers Sunny Break from Addiction

When it comes to drug addiction, you can’t expect to solve the problem on your own. Some good ways to stay clean are:

  • Addiction support groups
  • Community involvement
  • Mentors

If you want to get clean, however, professional help is the best place to start. Serenity House Detox specializes in treating people during the important first days of their recovery, giving clients the best chance for success. Read more about Serenity House for yourself, and you will see why detoxing in Florida is the right move.

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