Detox is an important step toward addiction recovery. However, it’s not enough to address the cause of addiction or teach people how to manage the mental disease. After ridding their bodies of drugs, people are ready to enter Fort Lauderdale rehab centers to address these issues.

Fort Lauderdale Rehab

Young worried man can rest easy at a Fort Lauderdale rehab center after detox.Following inpatient detox, Fort Lauderdale rehab centers prepare people to stay sober as they reenter society. Drug abuse and addiction develop new, negative behaviors that affect every part of life. These behaviors can damage people’s health, relationships, and careers. Rehab gives them the tools that they need to restore their lives in a healthy and safe way.

Rehab centers usually offer inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. For inpatient treatment, people stay at the facilities and receive 24-hour care. For outpatient treatment, they visit the centers for scheduled therapy sessions and activities but sleep at home. Outpatient programs provide flexibility for those who need to maintain obligations, but they aren’t ideal for people with serious addictions.

The therapists at rehab centers use various techniques to help people address the causes of their addictions. They also use these techniques to teach patients how to manage their addictions. Uncovering their triggers is part of helping patients learn how to live sober and prevent relapse.

What to Expect During the Rehab Process

The schedule that patients follow at Fort Lauderdale rehab centers varies depending on their customized treatment plans. However, structure and organization is very important for inpatient programs. They use a structure to minimize uncertainty and stress among the patients. Below is one example of how rehab patients may spend their days in treatment.


In the mornings, the patients have a healthy breakfast and attend therapy sessions. The kitchens usually serve breakfast early in the morning. Some of the activities the patients attend afterward include meditation and yoga. These activities help the patients develop healthy habits and make them relaxed for the therapy to follow.

Then, counselors often hold group therapy sessions that focus on treatment-related topics. The purpose is to achieve clarity about the underlying issues and triggers in the patients’ lives.


In the afternoon, patients move into more intense therapy sessions after having a healthy lunch. Fort Lauderdale rehab centers may schedule individual, group or specialized sessions during this time of the day. They might also set aside blocks of time for family therapy sessions. Alternative therapies they could include are art or music therapy, exercise programs, and equine therapy.

On some afternoons, patients get free time to do with as they choose. They may take advantage of the chance to read, write in a journal, meditate or pray. If other amenities such as a pool or sports are available, the patients have access to those, too.


Following the evening dinner, Fort Lauderdale rehab centers may hold short group therapy sessions. Patients might also attend 12-step support meetings. These meetings serve as a safe place for fellowship and support to continue the path to sobriety.

Rehab staff usually encourages a reasonable bedtime to promote healthy habits during the treatment program. Getting enough sleep helps keep patients alert and energized to participate fully in sessions.

Take the First Step at Serenity House Detox

You put your health, relationships, education, and career at risk when you abuse drugs and have an addiction. However, you have the power to put an end to the destruction. Serenity House Detox can guide you on your path to recovery.

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Serenity House Detox wants to prepare you for the addiction rehab and recovery to come. We use evidence-based techniques such as individual therapy and meditation to aid this preparation.

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