Confused looking man wondering about which Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center to check in to.The Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports that 260 deaths in Fort Lauderdale in 2015 involved prescription opioids. Heroin was a factor in 80 deaths, which rose to its highest since a reported 53 deaths in 2001. In addition, cocaine was a factor in 152 deaths in the city. These statistics highlight the need for people to seek help at a Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center.

However, there are several options when it comes to drug detox and rehab facilities. Choosing the right clinic may be one of the hardest decisions that people have to make. Despite this, there are several factors that they can consider to narrow down their options.

Programs and Services

The programs and services available at a Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center are very important. The reason is that these offerings need to cater to people’s individual needs. The best way for detox and rehab centers to achieve that is to provide a variety of programs and services. Some of the services that they need are one-on-one and group therapies, drug education, support groups and other counseling options.

The option to enroll in an inpatient or outpatient program is essential. Having the ability to complete an inpatient program and then step down to an outpatient program is very beneficial. Aftercare planning is also essential because it helps patients transition from inpatient care to normal home life. It may include ongoing medical care and therapy as well as group support.

Addiction centers also need to customize treatment plans for each person. The same drug affects everyone differently, and the amount and duration of use affect the care they need. Furthermore, many people develop or have existing mental health disorders alongside their addiction. These reasons are why customized treatment plans are so important.

Quality of Care

The programs and services are only as good as the care at the Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center of choice. The staff members hold the facility together. This quality care starts with the first phone consultation and the staff members’ friendly, expert voices. It sets the stage for how accepted and comfortable patients feel during enrollment.

The quality of care extends to patient privacy and security. A Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center should never compromise these aspects of care. Patients need to be able to relax so that they can focus on recovery. The last thing that they need to worry about is how the staff members handle their personal information.

Credentials and Reputation

These two elements are necessary for anyone who works in the medical field. Checking doctor and therapist credentials is one of the easiest ways to avoid getting help from unqualified people. In the majority of cases, the Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center posts the accreditations that it’s obtained on its website.

When these credentials aren’t posted on the website, people shouldn’t hesitate to ask for the information. Reputation means everything. People can learn more about a center’s reputation by looking at online reviews and talking to support groups. They can also ask the facility for its success rating.

Serenity House Detox Is a Quality Fort Lauderdale Addiction Treatment Center

If you or someone you know needs addiction treatment, Serenity House Detox can guide the first step. Our detox-only facilities near Fort Lauderdale offers a comfortable, secure and safe environment. We want to make sure you receive the treatment you need. Along with Florida alcohol detox, our programs include:

Serenity House Detox uses a combination of evidence-based and holistic treatment methods. Some of these include meditation, chiropractic care, and various therapies. Our therapeutic and 12-step approaches can teach you how to rebuild your life.

Regain control of your life from drug abuse and addiction with help at Serenity House Detox. Our team will guide you through the detox process. Call us now at 866-294-5306 to start your journey.