Standards of Care Excellence for Drug Detox in Florida

Many patients or their families research drug detox in Florida to start on the road to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. But they may be fooled by some of the findings of their research, if they don’t know how to accurately locate the best drug detox in Florida.

People interested in options for detox and rehab often turn to online reviews as means of evaluating patient impressions of quality or efficacy of a particular program. The problem with relying upon online reviews is that it’s now proven that many of these so-called patient experiences are often just the ploy of unscrupulous marketers. These marketers use falsified reviews written by paid content developers to fool the public and gain search engine placement at a higher level than honest methods may quickly provide.

How to Research the Best Drug Detox in Florida

Instead of reading reviews to seek out the best drug detox in Florida, turn to more objective third-party means of confirming program quality. Such third parties evaluate drug detox in Florida, comparing each facility’s performance and standards to industry accepted benchmarks for excellence.

Licenses and accreditations are the two best ways to review detox program quality. These third-party distinctions are provided by non-profits without personal interest in the success or failure of particular detox facilities. The non-profits require that each evaluated detox center proves dedication to patient treatment excellence in a comfortable, safe environment.

Florida State Licensing

Any drug detox in Florida must be licensed by the state in order to operate. This license is provided by the Department of Children and Family Services, after the facility has proven its adherence to minimum state standards. These standards evaluate the staff, provision of care, equipment and facilities of the detox program.


Once licensed, a drug detox in Florida can begin the long process of working toward accreditation by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission evaluates hospitals and other healthcare institutions to ensure those facilities provide excellence in their standards and practices. For medical detox and rehab facilities, accreditation by the Joint Commission or one of its peer organizations is prestigious and a clear indication of high quality provision of addiction treatment. A detox center with Joint Commission accreditation is indicated through the presence of a silver or gold Joint Commission seal at the bottom of the detox facility’s website.

Standards of Care Excellence for Drug Detox in Florida

When reviewing drug detox facilities in Florida for detoxification of yourself or your loved one, finding the Joint Commission seal provides a clear picture of program quality. Compared to online reviews that could be posted by the detox center itself, the accreditation is impartial and gauges quality of specific aspects of the detox program. Reviews only provide a few sentences of opinions and they could be quite biased.

The Joint Commission’s minimum standards are stringent. Many organizations work for well over a year or more to attempt to gain the Joint Commission’s seal. Exceptional quality is expected in order to acquire this designation and many hours of staff training and ongoing program improvement are required to maintain the accreditation.

Through licensing and accreditation, drug detox programs in Florida are indicated to provide the following:

  • The highest quality of evidence-based care
  • Ongoing improvement of patient treatment
  • An environment that is secure, comfortable and confidential
  • Staff members that are highly professional, trained and licensed
  • Closely monitored patient medical needs
  • Respect of patient rights

Serenity House Detox Is a Joint Commission Accredited Detox in Florida

Located in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Florida, Serenity House Detox is fully licensed and accredited. Serenity House Detox staff work each day to ensure patient medical needs are met while they are also provided with safe, comfortable detoxification as the first steps onto their road of recovery.

Gaining sobriety from an accredited, licensed detox provider is the best way to begin your life again. Call Serenity House Detox now at 1-866-396-4129 for more information about the best detox in Florida.