Was Detox in Paterson, NJ Not Effective For You? Try FloridaA report issued by the American Society of Addiction Medicine stated that 1.9 million Americans struggled with addiction to prescription painkillers in 2014. More than 500,000 more were experiencing the devastating effects of heroin addiction.  To address these concerns in New Jersey, US Senators Booker and Menendez held a press conference in one area in NJ currently being devastated by addiction—Paterson. At St. Joseph’s Hospital, the senators spoke at length about NJ’s and the nation’s growing issues with opiate addiction. Detox in Paterson NJ still may present problems.

When you’re one of the people struggling with addiction, or if getting detox in Paterson, NJ wasn’t effective for you, try Florida. Removing yourself from where your addiction thrived, and where a detox in Paterson, NJ failed to work, is a good option to try. Florida makes a perfect destination to begin rebuilding your life in recovery.

Why a Detox in Paterson, NJ May Not Be Your Best Option

In Paterson, you know where to buy and use substances, or you may know doctors who are willing to break the law and prescribe painkillers. These temptations aren’t helpful when you’re building a foundation to a newly sober life during and after detox.

If a detox in Paterson wasn’t effective for you, try to figure out why it didn’t work. Chances are the location was a contributing factor. If so, trying a new location like Florida is an option you should consider.

The Program at Serenity House Detox

If you’ve ever been to West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale in Florida, you already know how scenic and pristine these oceanside cities can be. These two localities are where Serenity House Detox opened their leading-edge detox centers staffed with expert and qualified detoxification professionals.

Florida is the land of palm trees and near-perfect weather all year long, so it’s an excellent place for you to relax, detox, and plan your next steps in rehabilitating your life into a newly sober and rewarding one. Many people who stay at Serenity House Detox decide to attend the next phases of addiction treatment in Florida. Many also decide to make Florida their permanent home, away from the cold weather, high taxes, and skyrocketing housing prices that the northeastern part of the country—including NJ—is well-known for.

Professional detox is necessary. Don’t detox on your own, it’s a potentially dangerous and life-threatening situation. There will be no medications to help you through the difficulties and pain that a home detox can bring. There won’t be any medical personnel on hand should an emergency arise. Sometimes, unconsciousness could prevent you from calling 911, putting you at even greater risk. A professional detox eliminates all these dangers.

Serenity House Detox uses the latest in medically supervised detoxification methods to wean you off drugs in a controlled manner. You won’t have to experience the distressing and painful symptoms of withdrawal. Our methods alleviate pain and help you through the roughest phases of quitting drugs. During your detox, we will help you decide what options are best for your next steps in rehab. We also ensure you build back your strength and physical health by providing good nutrition and supplements.

Make an ineffective detox in Paterson a thing of the past. Serenity House Detox has qualified and certified addiction specialists ready to help you take the next step in building your foundation to recovery. A newly sober and rewarding life awaits you, but you must take the first step to get there. Call 1-866-396-4129 today and we will give you a helping hand onto the road that leads toward recovery.