Appearances can be deceiving. Despite being a beautiful state, Arizona has a serious substance abuse problem. Drug abuse and addiction are at their highest levels in the state right now. Deaths that are directly related to drug use are much higher than the national average, and residents are searching for ways to get sober. Detox centers in Arizona may not be the answer.

How Effective Are Detox Centers in Arizona?

Detox centers in Arizona may not work for you

The goal of drug and alcohol detox and rehab for Arizona residents is to assist them in returning to a productive and healthy lifestyle. But many people worry that going to a rehab center won’t help them recover. They may fear drug relapse or assume that rehab is simply ineffective. To be clear–success rates depend on the individual, what drugs they are addicted to and their specific circumstances. But a quality drug rehab program still remains the most effective way to stop abusing drugs.

Why Does Relapse Happen With Some Addicts in Arizona?

The following is a list of common reasons why relapse can occur in certain patients:

  • Not finishing a drug and alcohol detox treatment session
  • Not relocating after treatment to start anew with new surroundings and a lack of negative influences
  • Stress from work, school, family or finances
  • Frequenting places where drugs and alcohol are present after treatment
  • Not continuing with recommended aftercare.
  • Hanging around people who use drugs and drink
  • Experiencing a severe trauma
  • Not being able to get through withdrawal
  • Trying to get through the withdrawal period on their own

Begin Your Recovery at a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

If you are a resident of Arizona and have a substance abuse disorder, there is only one way out. You need to go to a drug and alcohol detox and rehab center. Only here will you be able to get help with withdrawal symptoms and go through counseling and therapy to uncover the foundation of your addiction. While treatment solutions are available in Arizona, sometimes the best course of action is to pursue treatment away from your regular surroundings. Our treatment facility in Florida offers comfortable accommodations and warm weather.

Professional drug and alcohol detox and rehab is the answer you’ve been looking for, so why wait to get started? If you are still looking at detox centers in Arizona for your drug addiction, call us today at 866-294-5306, instead, to make the best decision of your life.