This older guy at the beach has found a detox center in Florida for his alcohol addiction.If you’ve made the decision to stop abusing alcohol and are ready to commit to getting sober, the first step you need to take is alcohol detox. For this, finding the right detox center is important. Many people decide to travel to treatment and you may find many benefits to doing that, yourself. An alcohol detox center in Florida can provide you with the foundation you need to start recovery from alcohol addiction.

What to Expect When Traveling to an Alcohol Detox Center in Florida

If you will be traveling to an alcohol detox center in Florida for the start of your addiction recovery, you will be preparing for more than just a “vacation.” Going away for treatment is different than traveling to enjoy recreation. After all, the following differences are true:

  • You will be gone longer than a typical vacation
  • You will have to follow certain rules
  • Your experience will be different than life at home and work

In many ways, going to a detox center in Florida is really not much different than going to a local detox. You will be gone for the same period of time. You will follow the same rules and your experience will be similar. But in Florida, you will enjoy certain benefits that you may not be able to find in your local area.

Why Go to a Detox Center in Florida, Instead of One Close to Home?

Many people travel to Florida for detox and rehab each year. They do this due to the state’s reputation for excellence in alcohol addiction treatment. In fact, traveling for detox and treatment may very well improve your chances of staying clean in the future. At the best detox programs in Florida, you can gain the quality of help you need instead of just settling for what is nearby.

There are many reasons for heading to Florida for your alcohol detox and treatment, such as:

  • You are free from distractions of home life and work, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery.
  • You can have distance from daily stressors and triggers in your environment.
  • Enablers are not nearby, so you cannot lean on them in disruption of your own treatment.
  • You can enjoy higher potential for completion of the program, with risk of running away from detox or rehab being much lower.
  • You can access the care you need, instead of just what is available close to home.
  • Greater privacy and anonymity are part of being away from home.
  • You can enjoy a better climate with sunny ambiance.
  • Your drinking “buddies” and others who abuse alcohol with you will be far away.
  • Traveling makes early recovery feel more like a fresh start and allows you distance from everyday life, to gain a fresh perspective.

Getting Ready for Travel to a Detox Center in Florida

Traveling to Florida for detox means you will have to prepare for your trip a bit more than if you were attending a detox in your home town. These preparations will pay off, when you are stronger in recovery and see your detox and rehab programs through to the end.

A sticking point for many people in deciding upon detox in Florida is that of daily responsibilities. The truth is that these responsibilities will be waiting for you when you return. You can make arrangements and lean on others for the support you need. After all, others in your life will most likely be supportive of your decision to get help.

Taking some time to handle your affairs before leaving for Florida will make your stay in detox and other treatment more productive. You won’t have to spend any time worrying about things at home. A few simple preparations can allow you to focus on getting better, with a clear mind. After all, if you don’t focus on yourself, things will only get worse in your life.

Below are some tips for preparing for alcohol detox and rehab in Florida:

  • Under the Family Medical Leave Act, you can arrange to leave work without having to disclose the nature of your medical care. Find out about your FMLA rights from your HR department.
  • If you are self-employed, you can make arrangements for your time away through email auto-responses of your absence, in using an answering service for phones, by letting clients or customers know you will return, or otherwise taking measures to ensure your clients do not feel abandoned.
  • For students, talking to the school counselor or making arrangements for study while away can be helpful. College students can pick up where they left off when returning from treatment. Online courses may be possible.
  • For your children, explaining you will be away to get better will be the best path. Honesty with children helps them feel more secure. Just don’t go into too much detail, as they only need to know the basics.
  • If you have bills to pay while you’re gone, update someone you trust on how to handle them or set up automatic payments for bills.
  • If you have legal problems, as many people with substance abuse issues do, you should talk to your attorney.

What to Pack for Florida Detox

There are certain things you will need while you are away for detox in Florida. These include the basics, such as personal hygiene products, shoes and clothing. It is also important to not forget things you may not have access to for awhile.

Some things you may need to take to Florida detox include:

  • Medical records
  • Primary doctor’s contact details
  • List of current medications, with doses and other details
  • Photo I.D.
  • Clothing suited for Florida’s sunny climate
  • Comfortable clothing for detox, to last a week or so between laundry access
  • Toiletries in non-aerosol, non-alcohol form
  • Long distance calling card, if allowed
  • Other needs, as discussed with the detox center

There are also things you should not take with you to detox and rehab. These include items such as jewelry and over-the-counter medications. Some facilities prohibit things like razor blades and scissors. Your detox center can advise you of their policies of what you cannot take into the facility.

Serenity House Detox in Florida Is the First Step for Your New Life

When you are ready to gain freedom from alcohol dependence or addiction, Serenity House Detox in Florida is ready to help you get there. Serenity House Detox provides medically-supervised alcohol detox for a safe, comfortable transition into sobriety. Call Serenity House Detox at 866-294-5306. Make this call and seize your place in recovery, for the future you deserve.