Delaware has been listed as one of the top ten states for drug addiction problems in the nation. Many Delaware residents who need help for an addiction problem are hesitant about attending a Delaware drug and alcohol detox center. But the truth is that detox is absolutely the most effective way to get sober.

How Long Does Will a Delaware Drug and Alcohol Detox Last?

Welcome sign to Delaware but not a Delaware Drug and Alcohol Detox The time it takes to complete treatment at a rehab facility will depend on the individual, what drugs they have been abusing and the nature of the addiction. There are two main stages to treatment. The first stage is the detox stage during which patients go through withdrawal. Medical detox can help manage the pain and discomfort during this process. After the withdrawal period, the patient begins therapy and counseling. During this time, patients have a chance to talk to qualified and experienced counselors about how they became addicted initially. The rehab period usually lasts anywhere from 30 to 90 days, but the timeframe can vary depending on each patient’s needs.

How Can Delaware Residents Have a Better Chance To Maintain Sobriety?

It can be difficult to get through the drug and alcohol detox process, and withdrawal can be an especially stressful period for some people. It’s normal to have some roadblocks and setbacks. But with the right kinds of support, Delaware residents can tremendously improve their odds of staying sober. The following are all important:

  • Having friends and family members who are supportive
  • Getting assistance for withdrawal symptoms
  • Going away from the home area for care
  • Having support from workplaces or schools
  • Attending rehab for a long enough period of time

How Can Delaware Residents Find the Help They Need?

If you or someone you love has been struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s time to make a change. By contacting us today, you are giving yourself the best gift you could possibly offer. You are telling yourself that you believe in your ability to recover from drug addiction. Our Florida alcohol detox and drug detox facility has all of the essential tools to help you begin the recovery process. Get started on that path today by giving us a call.