When conducting research to determine where you will enter alcohol detox, you may wonder, “Should I go to Florida, instead of an alcohol detox near me?” This is a question many patients from across the country ask themselves each year. Finding an answer comes down to educating yourself about your options to determine the best possible chance of personal recovery.

When is Florida detox better than alcohol detox near me?

When is A Florida Detox Better Than An Alcohol Detox Near Me?When looking for addiction treatment options near your home, you may notice some differences between the quality of programs in your area, versus those in Florida. Florida detox and rehab programs have long been considered the “gold standard” and most innovative options available for personal alcohol and drug recovery. In reviewing your choices, you may start to wonder, “Why would I enter alcohol detox near me, when programs are so much different in Florida?”

After taking a closer look, you will undoubtedly be saying to yourself, “There are many reasons why detox in Florida may be a better fit than an alcohol detox near me.” Traveling to detox and rehab is widely considered a good solution to a multitude of problems that local treatment often causes. Many of these patients initially feel that treatment near home is a good idea. But then, after researching local programs and comparing those to ones located in Florida, the difference that traveling to treatment can make becomes clear.

When asking yourself, “Florida detox or alcohol detox near me,” remember that the programs you enter are meant to help you rebuild your life with the greatest possible chance for long-term recovery. It’s crucial that you gain the best chance of overcoming your addiction and that best chance may not be found close to home. Why worry about a simple airplane flight when your entire future is at stake?

Reasons for Choosing Florida Over an “Alcohol Detox Near Me”

There are many benefits to be gained by traveling to detox in Florida, instead of resorting to options for “alcohol detox near me.” Those include:

Distance from Triggers and Temptations

When entering local detox, many patients realize that their triggers and temptations loom just outside the facility doors. Nearby are places where addiction began, substances were gained and negative social connections were made. Sometimes, just knowing these triggers and temptations are nearby can inhibit the best possible detox experience.

In going to Florida for detox, all focus is on getting clean. Travel to Florida imbibes the feeling of a fresh start in a sunny environment. Easily forgotten are the localized triggers and temptations that can be better handled after sobriety is achieved.

Less Chance of Running from Treatment

In local detox, many patients give up on their progress and resort to running from treatment to obtain their substance of choice. They want to take a shortcut to alleviating their very temporary withdrawal symptoms and try to do so by fleeing detox. Sadly, the first high or binge after sobriety begins is often deadly. Patients don’t realize that their body has lost its tolerance of alcohol in detox and cannot handle as much at once.

When detox is in Florida, non-local patients cannot easily flee the facility or their progress. To do so would require so much effort, coordination and money that it’s simply easier and more peaceful to just stay in the program. Once their withdrawal symptoms have subsided, patients who thought about running are so pleased they made it through to sobriety.


When you want to detox and start rehab without your whole neighborhood, workplace or social circle knowing what you’re doing, distant detox and rehab is a better choice. You also can be more confident in Florida detox if you live elsewhere, as you won’t risk knowing people in the detox facility or having common acquaintances who could reveal your secrets.

Florida-Based Serenity House Detox for the Best Start to Recovery

Making the decision about where to enter detox and rehab can be difficult. But entering detox in Florida at Serenity House Detox of Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach is a wise decision. Serenity House Detox is accredited by the Joint Commission for excellence in programs and methods used to effectively help patients gain sobriety for their progress into rehab.

Healthy, lifelong recovery begins in Florida alcohol detox. Call Serenity House Detox today at 1-866-396-4129 and begin your journey toward sobriety.