Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Alaska

Alaska Drug and Alcohol Detox Resort

It’s no secret that the state of Alaska (AK) is in the grips of a serious drug problem. According to one study, Alaska ranked number one for all states with respect to past-year use of marijuana for individuals aged 26 and up. Alaska also ranked amongst the top ten states for use of other drugs like cocaine. Finally, the ratings for past-month use of illicit substances within the state was 12%. This rating exceeds the national average of 8%.

The ugly realities of drug addiction can have a profoundly adverse effect on the user’s personal and professional life. In addition to compromising health, the consistent abuse of drugs or alcohol can result in lackluster job performance, ongoing money problems, and estrangement from loved ones. Addicts who want to lead a wholesome, healthy life need effective recovery solutions.

Alaska Drug And Alcohol Detox: The Solution

Although the drug problem in Alaska (AK) may seem profound and insurmountable, the solution is simple: drug and alcohol detox services. When recovering addicts receive drug and alcohol detox services in a professional setting where the withdrawal process can be carefully monitored, they experience lessened withdrawal symptoms and are more prepared to complete other aspects of treatment. Within the drug treatment setting, addicts will attain the treatment they need to resume a high level of functionality within the community, workplace, and family environments.

Alaska Residents Can Start The Recovery Process Immediately

As many drug and alcohol detox professionals know, receiving treatment services in a supervised recovery center is the best way to beat addiction. Attempting to overcome addiction alone will oftentimes exacerbate the problem, cause unwanted withdrawal symptoms, and can make the addict feel inadequate and hopeless. But hope can be found at our Florida recovery center. We’re ready to provide you with the strategies and support necessary to end your addiction. Call Serenity House Detox today and start your journey to recovery.