Broward County is a scenic region of Southern Florida where visitors flock for the beaches, the sunshine and the warmth. Unfortunately, Broward County is known for more than just its tourism hotspots. It also leads the nation in usage of the designer drug flakka. Residents of South Florida searching for detox centers in Broward County will find lots of options, but it’s important to look beyond just convenient location and focus on quality and reputation.

Substance Abuse Trends in Broward County

For more than one-third of patients admitted to detox centers in Broward County in 2015, alcohol was the primary substance abused and the primary addiction cited. However, that doesn’t mean that drug use isn’t also a growing concern. Prescription opiates, heroin and cocaine are common among those struggling with addiction. Some good news is that Broward County has low rates of methamphetamine use when compared to the rest of Florida.

Availability of Detox Centers in Broward County

With the large number of residents and visitors who struggle with addictions to drugs and alcohol, it should not come as a surprise that there are also a number of detox centers in Broward County. Availability isn’t an issue, which can seem like great news for prospective patients as well as their loved ones.

However, availability doesn’t always mean quality. And, in some cases, patients will be better off if they’re attending detox centers that are more than a few minutes from their home. When finding suitable detox centers in Broward County, elsewhere in Florida or anywhere across the country, it’s important to consider much more than just bed availability.

How to Determine if a Detox Center is Reputable

What to Look For in Quality Detox Centers in Broward CountyThere are several ways that prospective patients can determine whether a detox center in Broward County is reputable. To start, it’s a good idea to check for memberships in addiction treatment and medical groups. In addition, accreditation through major governing bodies in the medical industry is a very positive sign. One of the most reputable achievements a detox center can earn is the seal of approval from the Joint Commission.

In addition to accreditation and state licensing, check the reputation of a detox center.  A large number of positive online reviews might be a good start. Also, how long has the center been around? Detox facilities that have served a large number of patients tend to be the most promising options.

What to Look For in a Quality Detox Center

Finding a quality detox center in Broward County starts with narrowing down the many options and knowing what, in particular, to look for. Insurance acceptance, and therefore cost, is often a major factor. The best facilities, including Serenity House Detox in Fort Lauderdale, will accept a wide range of insurance policies and provider plans to ensure that they can help as many individuals as possible in the South Florida area.

You should also look for great amenities, excellent medical staff and around-the-clock care. During detox, consistent monitoring and a comprehensive assessment upon admittance are all key for a successful recovery.

Alternatives That are Still Close to Home

If Fort Lauderdale isn’t the right location for you, and you would prefer to be just outside of Broward County, then West Palm Beach could be perfect. Serenity House Detox offers an attractive detox center in West Palm Beach as an alternative to Fort Lauderdale, ensuring that prospective patients get quality care whether or not they want to stay in the heart of Broward County.

Detox centers in Broward County aren’t hard to find, but it can be challenging to locate appealing, accredited and reputable facilities. Thankfully, Serenity House Detox offers two locations in Fort Lauderdale and nearby West Palm Beach to accommodate prospective patients. Call 1-866-396-4129 to begin the recovery process with a detox today.