To end addiction, detox has to be the first step. Finding the right detox facility can be challenging, and there are a staggering number of options to choose from. At Serenity House Detox, we believe we can be the best option for your recovery. If you’re still searching for the right pick, here’s how to identify the best detox centers.

Location Matters

Woman at window with hand to chin thinking about what makes the best detox centers.The best detox centers can be found anywhere around the globe, but that doesn’t mean location isn’t important. In real estate, they say that the three most important factors in a home’s saleability are location, location, and location. While there are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a detox, don’t overlook the importance of a great location.

Some people choose a detox center because it is convenient. In the long run, however, a few more miles won’t matter if the detox program saves your life. Location does matter when it comes to appeal. Choosing an appealing detox destination means you are more likely to enroll, show up on day one and stay in the program.

South Florida is where you’ll find two locations of Serenity House Detox. West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale are popular vacation destinations and it is easy to see why. Access to the beach and warm weather means people dream of visiting the area. When a South Florida detox is in such a desirable area, patients will feel positive about their upcoming treatment.

To top it all off, location can make detox easier. Warm weather and opportunities to be outside throughout the year can impact everything from mood to appetite.

The Best Detox Centers Offer Customized Treatment Plans

To identify the best detox centers, look at the emphasis on individuality. No two patients are the same, which means that no two treatments for drug abuse should be identical.

There are countless ways that patients differ. Patients may use completely different substances or have varying mental health concerns. Some may have a history of trauma and others may have struggled with addiction for decades. Some may be eager for a natural detox, while others want to minimize discomfort at all costs.

All of these considerations should go into the treatment plan. The best detox programs will begin with an evaluation or assessment to learn as much about the incoming patient as possible.

24/7 Medical Care and Treatment

Although detox is a necessary part of breaking free from addiction, it can lead to a number of withdrawal symptoms. Some symptoms are mild, and others can be more severe. To ensure that patients are both safe and comfortable, all of the best detox centers will provide 24/7 medical monitoring, supervision and additional treatments.

Medical professionals should be on hand to watch for risk factors or warning signs. They can also provide resources to minimize discomfort. Withdrawal symptoms don’t end at night, so medical professionals should be available around the clock to help patients.

Expert and Peer Support Throughout the Process

During detox, some patients need time on their own. Others want a distraction and a way to focus on something else. The best detox programs accommodate both options.

On the journey to sober recovery, a support system is crucial. Many patients find that they can start creating that network of support on day one of detox. Through communal spaces and social opportunities, you might grow closer to your peers. These relationships have the potential to last a lifetime because patients are going through similar, life-changing situations at the same time.

Variety of Detox Programs Available

Detox protocol varies depending on the type of addiction. Fortunately, Serenity House Detox handles all of these detox varieties:

With these tips, you can find the best detox centers for your recovery. Serenity House Detox offers a West Palm Beach detox center as well as a detox center in Fort Lauderdale. Call 866-294-5306 to take the first step toward the healthier life that awaits you.