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Residents of Washington who struggle with addiction can find the help they need to get clean once and for all. Making the deal even sweeter is the fact that advanced medical detox treatment can be found on the sunny, beautiful Florida coast. Finding a better location to recover from addiction is almost impossible, and with the help of health insurance, treatment can be extremely affordable.

Addiction in Washington – Recovery in Florida

How Art Therapy Will Help Your Addiction RecoveryWhether you got addicted to drugs or alcohol;  whether you live in Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane or any place in between; if you have an addiction in Washington, your recovery can start in sunny, pleasant Florida.  Leave your addiction in Washington. The detox treatment programs at Serenity House Detox in Florida will start you on the way to a peaceful life, addiction free.

Heroin Abuse Growing in Seattle WA

Ever since the early 1990s when Kurt Cobain’s band Nirvana was a national phenomenon, Washington state and Seattle in particular have been linked with heroin use. Today, heroin addiction in Washington continues to be one of the most destructive forces in the area.

Heroin has become increasingly popular with young adults in Washington. The federal addiction research agency The National Institute of Drug Abuse says that heroin abuse indicators have risen steadily.

Because many people switch to heroin after developing an addiction to prescription narcotics, heroin is rarely the first drug people abuse. Heroin also affects people from all neighborhoods, from the most affluent to the very poor.

Heroin comes from the opium poppy, and most heroin found in the United States comes from Mexican and Central American sources. However, on the journey north, the drug can be cut with any number of substances to increase volume and profits for those selling the drug. Often, it’s these substances that prove lethal for heroin users. Many people across the Northeast region of the US have recently lost their lives to heroin cut with the dangerous drug fentanyl.

High-Functioning Alcoholism is Still Alcoholism

In addition to heroin, alcohol is a major destructive force in Washington. Not all alcoholics spend their days drunk and homeless. Many are high-functioning. They hold down good jobs and have families. So while a thriving microbrewery, wine, and spirit scene may provide fun for some, it proves too tempting for many others.

Middle-aged women are the fastest growing demographic of alcohol abusers in the country. Too many people justify drinking a bottle or two of Chardonnay every night because they keep other parts of their lives functioning. However, all it takes is one night of heavy drinking and driving before a functioning life turns into jail time, or worse.

Washington Recovery Starts with Quality Detox

Drugs or alcohol may seem like a normal, necessary part of your life. But the moment you realize you can’t quit is the moment treatment really is necessary. People are capable of amazing things when given the right support.

Serenity House Detox provides clients with that support. Our industry-leading medical detox team can help you not only get the drugs and alcohol out of your system, they can also help you find the motivation and the focus you need to beat addiction for good. Call Serenity House Detox today to hear how you can leave addiction behind you.

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